Microsoft murderer YAHUDI 用科技玩人民和杀死明福,要玩Malaysia,ISA和警察,网上官员用科技玩人民和用声音,弄神弄鬼。 The computer technology that they developed can really kill people for nothing..It is very difficult for me to convince everybody with this kind of story. Believe

me, once u are chosen than only u understand better. It is very hard to expla in but I make it simple as I can. When they started to control u as if like someone is inside u The virus that they developed also can make cancer cells growth very fast and kill cancer patient so much earlier than what they should go..esp people who can challenged their skills...hong kong was being attacked by SARS and H1N1 that was actually due to virus that they developed..They also attacked computer genius especially those who take drugs as part of their habit..bad habit but it is unfair for them in this case..
Microsoft people are murderer and hackers...trying to control people through their software technology...they are developing a kind of virus to kill human being spread through the computer screen rays and electric ion and eventually combined with electromagnetic to become very stable in the air to kill people.