Universal Moral Principle

This is a comment about Modesty that I made on a WCA Confessions page. Certain things are acceptable in certain cultures, but cultural acceptability should not be a standard of morality. For example, in some parts of my country it is acceptable for women to…Read More

Love v/s Lust

Since my senior project, several people have asked me what is the difference between love and lust. For me, distinguishing between love and lust has to do with distinguishing between the emotional aspects of love and the decision aspects of love. Just like…Read More

Freedom at What Cost?

As our world has modernized, we have progressed in almost every area except love. In the pursuit of sexual liberation, we have left behind the form of love that was strongly intertwined within family bonds and marital duties. A form of love that nourished…Read More

The Marriage Hypothesis

Like many teenagers, I have been curious about love and sex. Unlike many teenagers, I have spent a considerable amount of time researching the subject. From years of research and casual observation, I have come up with some generalizations about love, sex,…Read More


This is the link to the article that initially got me thinking about this movement. It explains the reasoning behind The Marriage Movement in greater depth. This is a thorough explanation of what I believe and why I believe it. Although the article was…Read More

The Marriage Movement: Recognizing Marriage as the most Responsible Way of Dealing with Love

There was a time when love was synonymous with marriage. Love today is seen through emotional and sexual term, and with little if any respect to marriage. The Marriage Movement believes that marriage is the most responsible way of dealing with love and calls…Read More

Thoughts on the Issue

1. The Marriage Movement is not about tradition, culture, religion, or legitimacy. Although those could be supporting points, the main point of The Marriage Movement is about recognizing marriage as the most responsible way of dealing with love. It is a small…Read More
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