We are the Wright family and our daughter Masayla has a rare disease called cystinosis. Only 500 people in the U.S. have it and 2000 in the world. Its a disease that breaks down your major organs and tissue. Masayla had a kidney transplant a few years back because of it. Now the disease is causing crystals to grow behind her eyes and she could go blind with out these eye drops that are outrageous in price. Masayla has insurance but they will not cover the eye drops and alot of her medication. Masayla takes about 23 medications a day, and she takes them through a tube in her stomach because the medications for her kidneys taste so awful. She just turned nine years old and one insurance company dropped her because they say she is old enough to take them by mouth. So now we have to pay for the G-tubes that go in her stomach. Every dime I make goes to these medications and now I have to tell Masayla that Santa Claus can't come this year. We are trying to work with these insurance companies, but they just don't care. Please sign my petition to let these insurance companies know that people just can't afford all these special medications people need. Thank You and God Bless each and everyone of you. Merry Christmas