Our (Michelle and Stan Cardwell’s) son, Lazarus Ojoo, was adopted from Uganda in 2010 at the age of 15. Laz grew up in a rural area of eastern Uganda where his grandmother, Dinah Epodoi, still resides. Our church, the Vine, has taken on the dream of building a community well in her home village providing safe, clean and accessible drinking water for residents of the area. Initial estimates for building this well are $8,000.  "It Is Well," a non-profit well building mission will manage the program for us.

This campaign was started following the principles the Advent Conspiracy - an annual program/mission that the Vine embraces.  Our goal would be to raise this money in the summer of 2013 so we can move on to other mission projects for AC2014.

You should also know that Laz, by himself, has worked and saved and sent over $4,000 of the money he has earned while working at Sonic to purchase land and seeds for his grandmother.  We couldn't be more proud.  Please copy his generosity.