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EPIC's 15th - Washington DC - June 9

EPIC is celebrating its 15th anniversary!

Join the defenders of privacy and online civil liberties -- from the Clipper Chip to the Facebook campaign -- to celebrate the Champions of Freedom at the EPIC 15th Anniversary Dinner at the Cosmos Club in Washington, DC

EPIC Champion of Freedom

* Congressman Ed Markey
* Supreme Court litigator Paul Smith
* "Eagle Eye" director D.J. Caruso (invited)

with Slate editor and Supreme Court commentator Dahlia Lithwick

For more information, download the invitation [], send in a reply [] or register online []

This is a fundraising event and we are asking people to make a significant contribution to EPIC. If you are unable to attend, we still need your support. Please donate to EPIC online [] or celebrate with us at the EPIC Facebook group!

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