"While China, as expected, becomes the number one country in the world by 2018 in terms of research output, three countries stand out and show the most drastic increase in numbers and rankings: Iran, Malaysia and Pakistan. Iran moves ahead from number 19 to number 4, Malaysia from 30 to 13, and Pakistan from 43 to 27. The expected output of research in Pakistan moving up 16 notches, which is the second highest increase worldwide, is primarily due to the innovative higher education policies and reforms taking place in Pakistan under the Higher Education Commission (HEC)."

HEC has revolutionized higher education Pakistan and now the Government wants to take away its autonomy and destroy it. A merit based system , internationally ranked Universities, worldwide recognition of Pakistani degree. Which of course is not acceptable to the rulers who wish to run their election campaign using the scholarship funds, 300 bn$ of World Bank projects and want to print their own degrees- Lets save this institutions, Lets force this government to listen educated class of this country...

Will you sit there and watch or be a voice in making the future of Pakistan-