Spanish Town the former capital of Jamaica (1534-1872) , St.Catherine, Jamaica, WI is the oldest continously occupied town in Western hemisphere and the home to several world reknowned Historical buildings and sites, such as the Old Cast Iron Bridge (built1801), which is on the World Monument Watch list, the St.James Anglican Church(1843), one of the oldest still standing in the western world and the Admiral Rodney Memorial and park (1801), the only english square park still in existence out side of the Uk.
However, years of mishandlings of donations/funding, neglect, ignorance, lack of cohesive planning and maintenance. Have led to many or to all these buildings being in disrepair and decay. Without intervention now, planned restoration and maintenance these monuments will be destroyed and it's hstory with it.
Join STAND-Up cause to repair, maintain and protect the sites.Create a clearly defined historical district in the town. STAND-Up is not for profit organization aimed at creating a renaissance in Spanish Town and awareness to its historical significance to Jamaica, the people and the world.