Make judicial complaints public

Judges are voted on by the public. The public therefore needs access to the information about how a judge handles cases so as to make an informed decision. Audio and video recording coupled with the complaints offers a way to balance and verify each other.…Read More

Do my civic duty and vote this November

Some consider that participation at elections a citizen's civic responsibility. The right to vote is the cornerstone of our democracy -- and it's our civic duty. Our democracy works best when everyone who can vote, does vote. But voter turnout in the…Read More

Which presidential candidate is best for dads?

“We stand for the human rights of mothers, fathers and children.” ~ Our aim is to champion the cause of equal parenting, family law reform and equal contact for divorced parents with children. This is a movement whose members are primarily interested in…Read More

Family Law Reform Politics - Election 2016

WLYB….. The once honorable profession of law now fully functions as a bottom-line business, driven by greed and the pursuit of power and wealth, even shaping the laws of the United States outside the elected Congress and state legislatures. When a lawyer…Read More

Would you support social security title IV D and family law reform? Tom McDermott asked Iowa Speaks

Currently social security title IV D incentivizes states to order minimal parenting time for non custodial parents in order to maximize the amount of child support noncustodial parents pay because the states get matching federal funds, NOT for collecting…Read More

Share compelling stories, news and events, highlight pressing needs!!

Imagine you are in a divorce. You’ve been a dedicated parent and you aren’t a convicted felon or being accused of a crime. Now imagine walking into a local court for a procedural hearing and in a single decree your children are banned from seeing you,…Read More

Protest Florida Child Support System - Support or Extortion?

Most judges are breaking the law as they please on child support by denying due process, imputing income only to men, forcing you (men) into jobs they don't want and many other violations of constitutional rights. This is intimidation to force you to…Read More
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