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Our Vet Bill is INSANE!

A major problem for us is not being reimbursed for vet expenses that are charged to our account at our rescue vet's clinic.--- for"Unwanted Animals". Our primary endeavor is rescue and rehabilitation of animals otherwise destined to be taken to a kill shelter…Read More


We Need to Find a Cat Angel...So keep your prayers going! Jill and her offspring have just been put out in the cold by the bank that took over their home. The Bank changed the locks, moved Jill and family out of garage onto the street, put their foods bowls…Read More

Lily's major surgery - dental and mass removal

The results from Lily's surgery are in: The swelling was a malignant tumor that was entwined around her jugular vein. This means on going observation by a vet. He hopes he got it all during the initial surgery. The surgery was quite an ordeal and it was very…Read More

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Finish Christmas shopping ONLINE and Help us out at the same time!

Automatically get money-saving coupon alerts and donate up to 20% of your purchases at 2800+ major online stores to Wee Bar None Ranch when you add Goodshop To-Go to your…Read More

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