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Our Vet Bill is INSANE!

A major problem for us is not being reimbursed for vet expenses that are charged to our account at our rescue vet's clinic.--- for"Unwanted Animals". Our primary endeavor is rescue and rehabilitation of animals otherwise destined to be taken to a kill shelter or dumped in the desert or on a busy city street. Most often previous owners promise to donate towards meeting vet expenses...and most often they do not do so.

CHIQUITA was left at our vet's office. The party who brought her in just left her and walked out the door. She very obviously needed to be seen and treated by our veterinarian.

MEI-LING & TUSHY, Maltese mixes.' owner was homeless and was going to take them to a kill shelter. Most of our inbound phone calls and emails deal with unwanted animals shelter-bound. There is not a no kill shelter in the high desert, where we live.

SPAZ, handsome black cat, we offered to take care of while his homeless owner, who had owned Spaz since he was an unweaned kitten, moved to another County to get medical treatment. The previous owner is not returning our phone voice mails left on his cell phone.

STOREY - year old Lab mix will be neutered next week at our vet. We rescued him when the caller on the phone thought he was dying and she did not want him to die on her property. Turns out, he was a starving, stray trying to find a safe place to rest.

The vet bills for just these five rescued "unwanted" animals total $862.
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