Welcome to the Carbon Central Network (CCN)

CCN is one of the first socially responsible companies in the world to establish a business using incentivised social marketing strategies to help save millions of hectares of forests around the world. The CCN system was created as a means for individuals around the world to participate in the protection and the long-term preservation of our precious forests worldwide, while also supporting the indigenous communities that live within them.

Having started in January 2011, CCN now has members in over 120 countries including Australia, UK, USA, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Poland, Germany, India and Colombia. This initiative has now turned into a revolutionary global business that provides individuals with the opportunity to be directly involved in the new GREEN economy whilst making a real impact through their conservation activities.

Every time someone contributes money for helping to protect a hectare of forest, money is put directly into meeting the costs for managing the conservation project area. It literally takes hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the administrative and scientific work needed to have a conservation project area approved under the UNFCC REDD program.

Once approved conservation projects areas can then generate income from the sale of REDD carbon credits created every year from the sequestration of carbon by the area for the next 25 years. This helps to create income to support ongoing forestry management and protection of the area. Further monies are also able to then be put into local community projects that benefit the indigenous people of the area including creating jobs that provide sustainable livelihoods, the building of community areas, improving medical facilities, providing solar energy systems for meeting energy demands of households, improving or creating new schools, funding scholarships, and building infrastructure.

Carbon Central Network uses an innovative rewards system to generate bonuses and incentives so that those CCN members making a contribution can benefit from their direct efforts and from the efforts of those that they introduce in helping protect our world’s precious forests.

FOR every $1 put towards Conservation $2 is given back in Discounts and Rewards to CCN Members. So helping to saver your world’s forests can now also help you to save money too!
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