Take a stand against gendercide

take the pledge to stop gendercide in China/India and around the world http://www.causes.com/actions/1688479-take-a-stand-against-gendercide

Tribute for Jennifer Lynn Fay

We shot this video for Jennifer during her benefit last month

Bring people to Jennifer Lynn Fay to bring justice for Jennifer Lynn Fay

Please find all of our posted notes actions etc and share to your profiles, pages and groups on Facebook. Twitter users twetts with the hashtag #JenniferLynn Fay. search Youtube videos of Jennifer Lynn Fay, any media and share the content everywhere you can

15 Days.... for jennifer Lynn Fay

In 15 days while the rest of us are celebrating Christmas with family Jennifer Lynn Fays family will be spending her 41st birthday having not seen nor heard from their loved one for 23 years. Please close your eyes, think of your child, or dear loved…Read More

Bring a friend to Justice for Jennifer

Take some time to tell a friend in person or over the phone about the Justice for Jennifer cause. The internet tends to depersonalize things. Even as I post this to the 74 people currently in this cause I know it is likely only 10% will see the post and maybe…Read More

30 Days....

in thirty days , families around the world will gather to celebrate Christmas with their families. Caroles will be sung , gifts exchanged and much of the Christmas tradition will be shared with loved ones.... In 30 days Jennifer Lynn Fays birthday will be on…Read More

how can you help?

In an effort to get Jennifer Viral I am going to ask you for your time. I will be inviting every person on my friend list. I need for you to do the same. If everyone who joins this cause follows this model then there is no limit to how far jennifers story…Read More


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