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15 Days.... for jennifer Lynn Fay

In 15 days while the rest of us are celebrating Christmas with family
Jennifer Lynn Fays family will be spending her 41st birthday having not seen nor heard from their loved one for 23 years.
Please close your eyes, think of your child, or dear loved one.
Could you imagine yourself in this position?
I dont know many who could without being swept with a sense of grief.
give the gift of caring, take ownership of our fellow human being and share this story.
imagine if it was your family, you would be desperate for decent human beings to help you in such a dark time.
Do for Jennifer and her family as you would hope others would do for you.
Share this story , it is what decent caring human beings do for one another. We lift each other up, carry one another when our steps grow long and weary, and raise our voices in support of the message when the voices of those have cried out for so long that they feel they cant go on.
Spread the story of Jennifer Lynn Fay

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