On November 14, 1989 Jennifer Lynn Fay disappeared from her hometown Brockton MA. Jennifer was 16 years old, full of life, and dreams.
Jen vanished just before thanksgiving, and her birthday is Christmas day.
As hard as it must be to lose a child this no doubt makes thanksgiving and Christmas that much more difficult
It has been 23 years since Jennifers disappearance but as time passes she is far from forgotten. An army of friends, family, members of the community, and a widening supportive base stand shoulder to shoulder in determination to bring Jennifer home. Jennifers case to date is unsolved. There has never been a concerted effort from the city officials and law enforcement to follow through with the Jennifer Lynn Fay case, with enough pressure from the community, the media, and , of supporters, we believe it is a matter of time before Jennifers story becomes resolved. With the tools provided in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and Youtube) and help from people like you, every day we are closer to finding Jen. Please help by spreading the word http://www.jenniferlynnfayfoundation.org/ donate if you are able and please share this with as many people as possible.