DTAC is fighting for the survival of the independent dance community

Dance Teachers Alliance of Canada (DTAC) was formed in response to expansion of the National Ballet School’s after school and recreational dance programs.

DTAC poses the question “At what point does the mixing of public funding with commercial activity unbalance a marketplace?

The answer, we believe, is “At the point that the scale of this activity reverses the well-being of surrounding enterprises.”

Our membership and supporters are comprised of every kind of dance enterprise from not-for-profit with charitable status to commercial. We constitute an ecology of unique organizations operating in respectful cooperation and competition.

The National Ballet School is unilaterally disregarding the effect of its actions on this ecology. We intend to prevent this from continuing.

1. DTAC represents dance teachers and business owners.

2. DTAC is concerned about the expansion of NBS's recreational dance programs.

3. Please visit www.dtac.ca for more information and documentation.