Paani Panchaayat on "Save Water"

Dear Friend Please record your video message on "save water" or "no water" and share it on facebook page of paanichaayat. Your one message can make a long lasting impression on anybody which may lead to water saving by any. Please visit…Read More

Time to end economical discrimination. Lets earn money

Time has come for every Indian to earn and become rich. Coming up a revolutionary cooperative earning model. Its enough that from decades few business houses have been controlling Indian economy. Rich is getting richer every day but middle class or poor is…Read More

Economical revolution by Kiran Bedi

Dear Indian After political revolution by Team Anna by getting jalokpal passed today, a new economical revolution is going to start soon for women empowerment. A first of its kind economical cooperative movement where every indian women will invest and earn…Read More

Message by Rahul Bhartiya after todays election results of 4 states

I would like to congratulate Indian democracy for getting a serious sense of change in political scenario today also political parties on their win. Also, a special congrats to aam aadmi party for remarkable success. Looking forward to see them performing the…Read More


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