Dimebag only wanted to play Pantera music!!! Let's fulfill his wishes and bring back CFH!

PLEASE keep spreading the word to people about this cause, it would be one of the greatest things to happen in metal music history... we just got to keep believing!!! Bury the hatred, not the music!! Horns UP, ROCKET TMD www.themetalden.com

700 members... Rock on! Way to spread the word!! We just need to keep BELIEVING!

Wow! It is so awesome to see so many of you that have joined my cause to do what is proper and use Dime's last studio tracks as the final Pantera album, as a way to pay Dimebag the honor & RESPECT his legacy truly deserves. He only wanted to make CFH…Read More

Bury The Hatred... Not The Music!!!

400+ members and counting! Awesome!! Thanks for joining my cause... here is a new 'promo shot' for our cause. Please share it with the 'cause link' to spread the word to your friends!! BY DIME BE DRIVEN!!! \m/\m/ UPDATE #1 600 members have joined up to my…Read More


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