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This morning animal advocates in Sarajevo received a phone call from a 13 year old boy crying and screaming to help a puppy who had been run over by a car on outskirts of Sarajevo, an area called Jercedoli. The puppy was injured yesterday but the poor boy only discovered him this morning in his yard. 

He picked him up and hid him in an improvised dog-house until someone replied to his cries for help. When advocates were contacted they went immediately and brought "Puppy" to the city center and to a vet where his injuries were examined.

His back left paw is completely broken, an open fracture, his skin torn, on his front left paw the skin is completely shredded and you can see all the muscles and bones beneath it. He has several other injuries on his other paws but those are minor in comparison to the rest. Tomorrow he will be taken to the vet faculty for an x-ray of the injured paws and to see what type of surgery can be done. Donations for surgery, vet care and pension fees are urgently needed. 

He is about three months old. 

PLEASE state your donation is for "Puppy". (


This site is dedicated to Vučko. 

Read his story ( and don't let him have suffered and died in vain. 

Please help the stray dogs and cats in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The situation there is utterly dire, Vučko is but one amongst many horrifically abused animals.

 Go here ( to find out how to help them.  

Money is needed for food, medicine and foster housing. 

Even just one dollar or one euro will help.

Thanks everyone.


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