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Mass Graves Found Near Dog “Shelter” PRACA...

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THE HORROR NEVER ENDS! video link and more pictures in the link.

Mass Graves Found Near Dog "Shelter" PRACA...

Please read and share this news. 

The innocent animals and the people who fight for them need all the help they can get!

Link: (

Please write to the Veterinary Inspector, asking that this shelter be thoroughly investigated and that remaining dogs there be given proper care according to the animal welfare laws of the country:

Director: Midhat Hadžiomerović, DVM

Address: ul. Maršala Tita 2, 73000 Goražde, BiH

Tel: ++ 387 38 228 639

Fax: ++ 387 38 228 641

e-mail: [email protected] (mailto:[email protected])


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