This idea is in its infancy. Here is the premise. There are many more experienced people who are just now learning to use computers in their later years. Worse, there are people living through this time of their lives without a computer. Worse still, we are losing their stories as they pass, or as they are incapacitated by illness, or the many forms of dementia and other diseases that may prevent them from sharing their memories with us. History, in its purest form, will be lost through this process.
We can change the natural course of things by providing the technology and the instruction necessary to preserve this rich source of history, through blogging. Who better to provide this instruction, than our young people - high school students, who are looking for that extra credit, work experience, and for meaningful expression of their talents?
Imagine yourself in your 60's, 70's, 80's, or older, with no computer and no easy way to record your memoirs. Now imagine that some young person comes into your life, sets up your computer, sits with you for hours, as often as possible, and steadfastly records, or show you how to record your stories, to be shared with future generations, and the world! Are you happy?
Let's do this!