Blood of Jesus Ministries-Uganda is located in Jinja, in East Uganda and it is our purpose to provide care to orphaned children and widows, as the Bible commands. http://www.bojmu.org/
I am sharing this on behalf of my Friend ~ PastorRonald Lufafa & his precious Orphans & Widows~*

About ~

Pastor Ronald Lufafa was born in the Jinja District of Uganda, at a village called Mafubira. A primary teacher by profession, Pastor Ronald first qualified as a grade three teacher in 1999 at the Bishop Willis Teachers Training Institute in Iganga District. He worked for three years before joining Busoga University in 2002, and graduated in 2004 as a grade five primary teacher. Pastor Ronald is a former Red Cross volunteer who achieved a certificate in basic first aid. He also holds a certificate in conflict resolution and management and is currently employed as a primary school English teacher. He is married to Aida and they have two children, Brownie and Sheila.

Pastor Ronald has always had the heart of a minister. During his teenage years, he served as a scout, helping the helpless people in his community. He began Blood of Jesus Ministries in January 2011 with the hope of helping the orphans he encountered daily. As a school teacher, he was touched by the many children who had to drop out of school due to their parents passing away or their inability to continue paying the school fees.

“Many times I have seen many children at our school where I am teaching dropping out after they have lost their parents,” says Pastor Ronald. “I have always tried to follow up with the kids and discovered the cause of dropping out is a lack of school fees after the parents’ death. This has always hurt me; that is why I decided to start up this project so that other compassionate people may come in and help us to help the suffering orphans in our community. My daily prayer is that my dream comes true.”

Pastor Ronald prays that others around the globe will be touched by the stories of these children and try to help—no offering is too small. “I have always spent the little money I am getting as my salary to support these children and I am always doing fund-raising in most of our local churches and am thankful for support from the well-wishers. But because we are operating in a poor community, even the support we are getting is like a drop of milk in an ocean.”