Israel aims to expand Zionism in Middle East: Analyst

A prominent political analyst says the Israeli regime is after destabilizing the Middle East to ultimately prepare the region for Zionist expansionism and domination, Press TV reports. "The Israeli Zionist Likudnik neocon regime that has seized power in Tel…Read More

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called for an immediate cease-fire as he joined the peace talks with Diplomats from the Arab League

Egypt's president, Mohammed Morsi, has said that he expects Israeli air strikes on Gaza to end today. As mediators gather in Cairo in a bid to broker a halt to seven days of conflict, Morsi was quoted as telling reporters: "The farce of the Israeli…Read More

Mohamed Morsi, Egyptian president Says :

"This unacceptable aggression on human beings - on men and women - this is an issue. I warn them again, and that I confirm again, for those who are carrying out the aggression - that they will never rule over the people of Gaza. We will not leave Gaza on its…Read More

Gaza: How can the US manage the crisis?

To Hamas and other Palestinian groups, the US president sent a strong condemnation, saying there is no justification for "the cowardly acts" of launching rockets into Israel. To the Israeli prime minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, he sent a message of support and…Read More


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