Show the support for Shirley’s “Noir Album” aimed at the record company.

To: Warner Bros. Records,

We, the fans of Shirley Manson, are very upset with your company's decision to
not release Shirley Manson's solo work. As you can interpret from the number
of signatures and the comments that follow, there are many people who
anxiously await this release. Please release Shirley Manson's solo record.

Garbagefans wolrdwide.

1. In a time when rock music is stale and boring, it would be nice to hear something new with proven talent and success.

2. Shirley doesn't need to sing stuff like: "Rich Girl", "Sweet Scape" or "Cool" to sell records.

3. Music is art, artists are free to create. That is just wrong to deny an artist to release their art.