This petition is to see how many signatures we can get to send to our governments to advise them that we no longer stand for war.

We want Peace in the Middle East NOW
Peace world wide and the killing of innocent people and especially children is no longer acceptable.

I am a Mother, Grandmother, Aunty, Sister, Daughter, Granddaughter, Niece and Friend and know from my heart that I do not want to see anymore killing in this world.

Enough Children are dying from disease, starvation and neglect do we really need to murder them as well.

Lets put the trillions of $$'s spent on war on more positive and helpful projects.

Most people think what can I do? Petition here! Start here it takes only a few minutes to pass this petition on to your FB, Twitter, My Space or any other social media site.. Even send the link via email.

I've had enough of the killing I do not want my family to grow up knowing that violence and murder is an everyday aspect of life! IT IS NOT!

If I gather enough signatures I am going to pass this on to all governments not just the one's in conflict as all governments need to be aware of how people feel.

Then Peace rallies are always good to get the message across.

Please help by signing this petition...