South Africa's poorest are most affected by climate change. As with most low cost housing initiatives, the natural biodiversity is stripped when development takes place.

These homes are severely exposed to rain and wind erosion which threatens its very structure - many are in a state of irreparable decay.

Green Communities will start with 200 homes in the Witsand area and plant gardens at each home while providing skills training and tools.

By restoring the natural biodiversity, we will stabilising the soil, beautify the area, cool down homes, workshop the importance of environmental conservation and provide food security through the establishment of vegetable gardens and economic development through other resourceful plants.

We need support from Western Cape residents to make donations of time, money, trees, plants, gardening tools, old clothing, etc.

Any donations that are not directly related to gardening and landscaping will be used to incentivize local community members to sign up as a "Community Green Leader" and work to serve their community.