My friend has been denied to stay in Sweden, after 9 years! He has to return to Afghanistan, but can come back after 5 months- if he is still alive!(may 2013)
He is a Christian, and he has never been to a mosqué in Sweden or in Afghanistan.
He was not allowed to go into a mosque in Afghanistan because his parents came from different tribes. They were killed and he escaped.
The Swedish Migrationboard do not believe any letters from priests or anyone here, that HE IS A CHRISTIAN. They do not consider his certificat of baptism.
They do not think he will suffer from beeing thrown out of Sweden, returning as an Internal Refugee, to a camp in Kabul amongst millions of other refugees..
He was already tortured there and has no relatives or any tribe to ask for help.
We know he will be killed!
Help us by signing this petition, asking for Christian mercy!