Cameron not booking Qatada's plane ticket just yet but Britain could be rid of hate cleric within weeks as Jordan approves treaty

The deportation of radical cleric Abu Qatada took a step closer today, as the Jordanian parliament approved a new treaty with the UK designed to finally kick him out. Downing Street said David Cameron had not yet booked a plane ticket for Qatada after the…Read More

Abu Qatada: Cleric refused bail

Radical cleric Abu Qatada has been refused bail by an immigration tribunal in his latest bid for freedom. His lawyer said he should be freed from prison so he could spend time with his family before leaving the UK for Jordan - which he had agreed to do once…Read More

Abu Qatada will cost UK taxpayers £6m this year !

The Islamic fanatic racked up legal costs of £5,000 A DAY last month after  being allowed to stay in Britain. The £100,000-a-week operation includes a team of SIXTY officers from Scotland  Yard, MI5 and a private security firm. Keeping him in jail for years…Read More

**UPDATE**Abu Qatada demands to be relocated after year in £400,000 home

Abu Qatada is demanding to be rehoused at the taxpayer's expense, less than 12 months after being moved to his current home. Lawyers for the extremist cleric revealed he and his family, who live on state handouts, have asked to be relocated. It is not known…Read More


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