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Update on January 26, 2013

Portland, Oregon (January 25, 2013) – The family of murdered
teen Yashanee Vaughn filed a formal complaint today in the Independent Police
Review Division in the Office of the City of Portland's Auditor office after
revelations made in the sentencing hearing of the Parrish Bennette Jr., who
admitted to taking the 14-year olds life on March 19, 2011 in a gruesome,
heinous and inhumane way. 

At the hearing on January 17, 2013, defense attorney Thomas McNair revealed that
Bennette's defense team decided to withhold the location of Vaughn's body from
authorities for four months.  McNair said the decision was made at the
time of Bennette's arrest.

"We filed a complaint today to have the investigation reviewed," said Shaquita
Louis, Yashanee's mother.  "I am in no way blaming anyone in particular
but too many red flags bothered us for almost two years, those concerns were
only enhanced following McNair's statement in court and so our family is making
sure Yashanee received the same investigation any other missing person case
would have," said Louis.

The family is asking anyone with tips or information on the murder of Yashanee
Vaughn to please email your information to [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) you feel may or may not have been addressed back in 2011.

The Justice for Yashanee website is being updated and will launch early next week – (

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