Should Police & Lawyers Disclose The Location of a Missing or Murdered Child?

Definitely (77% people answered this) Never (16% people answered this) Not sure (5% people answered this) 134 people voted. The National Women’s Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation (NWCAVE) is a volunteer operated non-profit organization…Read More

What is the biggest issue with gun violence?

Gaming (0% people answered this) Health: Physical and/or Mental Illness (37% people answered this) Laws & Regulations (6% people answered this) Lack of early education and prevention (13% people answered this) All of the above (41% people answered…Read More

Update on January 26, 2013

Portland, Oregon (January 25, 2013) – The family of murdered teen Yashanee Vaughn filed a formal complaint today in the Independent Police Review Division in the Office of the City of Portland's Auditor office after revelations made in the sentencing hearing…Read More

Update on January 20, 2013

Since the revelation of the defense attorney at Thursday's sentencing hearing, media resources informed the public in written reports on their website that the defense actually requested leniency for their client Parrish Bennette if he took them to Yashanee,…Read More

Update on January 02, 2013

Over 70 people have shared this on Facebook but only 15 people actually took the poll...please take a minute and post an answer on the poll so we can meet our goal of 25 surveyed.

Cases & Faces: Kara Nichols

Kara Nichols left her home in the area of 6700 Mission Road in Colorado Springs bound for Denver, CO on October 9, 2012. The last call on her cell was placed at 11:45pm on October 9th and she was never heard from again. Kara was heading to Denver what we…Read More

Your American Teen - Please SHARE!

"Your American Teen", a full-length documentary on the exploitation and human trafficking of our teens in America. For those wishing to use for public screenings and events please contact Michelle Bart directly for licensing at [email protected] Share…Read More
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