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Disability Living Allowance

The government have announced that 330,000 disabled people will lose part or all of their Disability Living Allowance when they are reassessed from 2015.

The good news is their replacement Personal Independence payments are being delayed for 2 years with most now being reassessed about 2015 onwards. Unsurprisingly, after the 2015 general election.

There is no doubt that disabled people are going to face the same issues as those who received Employment Support Allowance and therefore expect the government estimate to, unfortunately be much worse if the present lot are returned to power.

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Esther McVey, who was minister for disabled people when DLA was abolished is now Employment Minister responsible for benefit sanctions. As hundreds of thousands of disabled people are going to lose part or all of their DLA hundreds of thousands of people, including people with disabilities are NOW having their benefits sanctioned sometimes for the most trivial reasons including the bus being 5 minutes late.

Removing benefit causes hardship, hunger, poverty, risk of suicide and homelessness and I support the Trussell Trust when they say the UK's welfare system is simply inhumane.

Please take two minutes to sign our petition for an independent inquiry into benefit sanctions supported by the Church Action on Poverty -

Thank you Mike x

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