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Blog by Disability Rights and Welfare Campaigner Jane Young.


Please find enclosed an excellently written blog by disability rights and welfare campaigner Jane Young :-

"On Poverty and Food Banks, the coalition reveals its true colours" -

In the blog, Jane openly questions her religious beliefs and convictions of others in their support of so-called welfare reforms which have had devastating consequences for many.

In the article Jane gives special attention to benefit sanctions. We all know how bad this government has been towards sick and disabled people and we are all continuing to fight these injustices but in solidarity with those who are unemployed or the sick and disabled forced to work we cannot allow this wretched government to remove benefits leaving people is dire poverty, destitution, with nothing to live, forced to use food banks and at risk of homelessness. Jane is also right that sanctions will make it worse for people to find work as they wont have the means to do it. As Jane says benefits are being stopped for the most trivial reasons which suggests the system is somewhat dubious.

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