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Urgent Update - The Pines

The Pines- a home for 24 severely disabled people is set to close in Wigan. We are trying to reach 10,000 signatures as quickly as possible. We are now well over 4,500 signatures. Thank you.

The Leader of the Community Action Party, Peter Franzen has challenged all of Wigan's 75 councillors to submit the following notice of motion at the next Council meeting on July 17th.

“This Council values the excellent work being undertaken by “the Pines” residential care home for disabled people.

We congratulate the carers and staff for their dedication and hard work in supporting 24 severely disabled people some of whom have lived happily at the Pines for more than twenty years.

This Council undertakes to keep the Pines open and will continue to support the Pines, the carers, the staff and the residents.”

We will inform you as to whether the motion will be submitted and what happens.

Please help the campaign by signing our petition to keep a much-loved home for 24 severely disabled people. Thank you. Sign here -

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