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Important - New Bedroom Tax Exemption


A new loophole has come about regarding the Bedroom Tax.

In effect, if you have lived in your home since 1996 and have received Housing Benefit throughout to date you should be exempt from the Bedroom Tax.

Local Councils will not be forthcoming or searching out in too much detail affected claimants but it is believed thousands are affected, especially people living with disability.

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If you are affected my advise is :- Contact your local council immediately. Request a review of your Housing Benefit. Request it is uprated and backdated immediately. Do not delay. Get advise. Quote the relevant legislation.

I am happy to advise over email the best I can - [email protected]

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If you have not already please support my campaign against benefit sanctions by signing by petitions here :- or her 38 degrees -

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On a light-hearted note have a look at the pic. Brilliant!

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