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We wont fight for the disabled but we will cause trouble

Wigan's Councillors are set to bring shame on the Borough whilst abandoning the plight of 24 severely disabled people about to be kicked out of their home - The Pines.

So far, not a single Councillor has said they will attempt to oppose the closure at the next Council meeting on July 17th, only a few days left to submit a notice of motion.

However, one Councillor in his attempt at trouble-making has decided his attempt to remove the Chief Executive which is doomed to failure and therefore is just a trouble-making exercise is more important than fighting for The Pines to stay open -

This shameful conduct is just a few days after Wigan Council announces a £2 MILLIONS slush fund to spend on pet projects but still intends to kick 24 severely disabled people from their much loved home.

Campaigners are seeking just 10,000 online signatures to oppose the closure now standing well over 4,000. Please oppose the closure by signing here -

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