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Kickstart to Workshop

Our first goal is to raise money to take our young men to Workshop this January 25-28th! It is a weekend long trip to Oklahoma City packed with informational speakers, leadership building activities and most importantly of all, Brotherhood.

Any donation will be accepted and if provided the information you will automatically receive a thank you letter for the chapter and you name will be posted into the minutes of our next meeting! To go along with that, the following donation levels will net you some neat Stillwater DeMolay gear!

The following levels are compounded, so that if you donate into a higher bracket you will get that gift plus all of the ones below it!

$10-$20: Magnet
$20-$30: Poster
$30-$40: Pen
$40-$50: Sticky Notepad
$50-$75: Tote Bag
$75-$100: T-shirt
$100: Spot on our donor wall

To donate, please visit and select the "Send Money" option at the top of the page! If you would rather send a cash or check donation, you can make checks out to "Stillwater DeMolay" or send cash to:

322 W. Miller
Stillwater, OK 74074

If you have any questions or concerns you may call 405-420-1256. Thanks!

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