Bill and Lou- their story.
POULTNEY, Vermont. - Oxen team Bill and Lou were beloved hard workers at the Green Mountain College farm for 10 years.
"They would plow and cultivate, and spread their manure and the manure of other animals," said Ben Dube, a research assistant.
The oxen are part of the farm's plan to be fossil-free. Instead of tractors, Bill and Lou do the work. But this summer, Lou suffered an injury and could barely walk. And Bill can't pull the plow alone.
"Doing any work with them is a question. Even putting them in the yoke and not pulling anything," Dube said.
The school already bought replacements, but kept Bill and Lou as pets until they could collaborate with the students, who were on summer break, about Bill and Lou's fate.
"Because it is an educational, sustainable farm, we think we've got to help students understand how to make farms work ecologically, socially and economically," said Bill Throop, the provost at Green Mountain College.
The consensus: to slaughter Bill and Lou for meat. This would save the school from purchasing meat from a factory for at least a month.
VINE Sanctuary was ready to take these animals in for a peaceful life after all their contribution to their human owners. And despite many voices from around the world calling for the release of Bill and Lou to the sanctuary, the college authorities remained determined to send the two retiring oxen to slaughter.
Indeed this heartless decision makes no sense because no one is starving at the college hall and these hard workers who shared the workload of their human companions on their back now deserve to live their natural life, whatever of it is left, in peace.
RIP to dear old Lou...xox
Lou was euthanized on Sunday November 11th at Green Mountain College in Vermont.

The GMC stated..."The arrival of cold temperatures and icy conditions are certain to increase his suffering, and we have concurred with our veterinarians' judgment that it was not humane for him to suffer further."

Vermont college at center of debate over oxen slaughter euthanizes one of team.. News story: by Cheryl Hanna.

What sadly now will happen to Lou's brother Bill?
The GMC have stated that Bill will remain in their care ..
More information?..please see SAVE BILL AND LOU Facebook group.
Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/294505657325240/