This truly isn't about "Religion". I don't believe in "religion". I am a CHRISTIAN! Nothing more nothing less! I was bought by the BLOOD of Jesus Christ Of Nazareth!!! God is OUR Father! ALL OF US HERE ON EARTH!!!

What this IS about is Facebook suspending me from adding friends for 14 days! Why, you ask? Because as I was reading comments on certain CHRISTIAN Posts, and adding people as "THE SPIRIT LED ME", I can't even add people I KNOW for another 9 days! I mean, C'mon Facebook!!! I'm NOT a freakin' stalker! I'm NOT a Spammer! I'm not trying to SELL anything!!! All I'm doing is befriending my Brothers & Sisters in Christ JESUS! We ARE FAMILY!!! If you agree with me, PLEASE join my Cause! If not, God bless you! PEACE ~N~ Love~ Lisa A Notter