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We only need 8 more signatures!


It has taken us a year and we are close to the deadline ( Nov 5/6th) but we are nearly there. First UK government e petition addressing the dog meat trade to hit parliament. 10,000 signatures means we get our first official response. A full supporting dossier has been prepared for submission and better than that we will be out on the streets on November 5th. Can you join us? The NoToDogMeat team will be there and representatives from the World Protection for dogs and cats in the meat trade but... EVERY ONE IS WELCOME- This is a huge shout out to all animal groups. Come carrying our banner/ wearing a t shirt or bring one of yours! THIS IS ABOUT THE DOGS AND CATS.
This is a collective effort to say NoToDogMeat and NoToCatMeat.
If you are in Europe, take the train over and if you are further afield, our members have created an international petition you can sign.

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Her Majesty meets the Head of State from the South Korean Dog eating nation- We say Keep the corgis off her plate.


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