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Thankyou! NoToDogMeat sent 300 Euros to Romanian Shelter


Thank you Everyone. We have just sent over 300 Euros to Romanian Shelter Baie Mare Shelter. Do see their work

This money will pay the 1st months rent on the new land they have acquired to house 75 dogs and also provide much needed shelter for some of the dogs who currently sleep outside and it is minus 5 degrees.
We are told it can also help towards urgent medical care.

This privately funded shelter is situated in Northern Romania and run entirely by local volunteers. Their kindness means a few souls many are terribly injured are not beaten to death by shovels.

Our charity trustees have personally spoken to the people who run the shelter and as a people led movement it was our supporters who have adopted from Romanian Shelters who told of of their desperate situation.

Our plan as a people led movement is to try to raise approx 2400 euros to cover a full years rent ( 200 a month).

All donations that pass through our registered charity 1154524 are eligible for gift aid and for overseas donors we can provide a tax deductible receipt.

There are so many cases to help and whilst NoToDogMeat is focussed primarily on the dog meat trade, our Romanian Campaigners need our help. Cruelty can never be justified.

As updates come in this shelter will also feature on our official website
http:/// as well as an insight into cases surrounding the dog meat trade in Eastern Europe.

Dogs and Cats are #NotFood and #NotFur


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