Thank You For Making a Difference !

In 2012 I started a UK e-petition urging the British Government to help end the dog and cat meat trade and close Moran Market South Korea.In 2013 we created our charity World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade and launched the Global NoToDogMeat…Read More

News From China When a dog is rescued from the meat trade this is just the first step. Most end up in large holding yards where disease is rife. Volunteers are left to do the best they can. High quality nutrition is essential to give the dogs a…Read More

Join us in London to help Stop Korean Torture Fest - July 13th- 1pm

Barely weeks after the carnage of Yulin ( China), the infamous BokNai dog eating days begin in South Korea. There are so many actions you can take to help stop this. Tweet Storms are taking place all weekend and on Monday 13th July NoToDogMeat campaign team…Read More

No To Dog Meat deliver petition to No 10 Downing St

May 18th was the start of our 3rd World Awareness Week against the Cruel Dog and Cat Meat Trade. London Activists stood in solidarity with animal lovers in China /Indonesia and beyond succeeding to be received at the UK Prime Minister's Office No 10…Read More

No To Dog Meat help save 800 Cats

Breaking News: Sophie from the No To Dog Meat team has been in China all week and just two hours ago she took part in a raid on a warehouse, 2 hours from Shanghai housing 800 cats. Surveillance had taken place all week as the traders filled the warehouse…Read More

Emergency APPEAL : A real way you can help ( China)

Your Chance to Help ! Emergency Fundraise for China We get so many letters asking " How can we help?" " What can we do?" Who runs the local shelters" " Are we really making a difference?" The short answer is YES. SInce the campaign started we are all…Read More

Volunteers We Need You! Our Campaign is 2 years old

Hard to believe it is over 2 years since we trended worldwide with our hashtag NoToDogMeat ... and activists using our banners took to the streets to speak out. Our registered charity and movement has grown so much we need YOU. Can you spare a few hours a…Read More
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