Please Help Chinese Hero Caring for Our Dogs

Dear Friends, In the busy run up to Xmas we are writing to appeal for urgent donations to feed our dogs and cats. We have more than 400 in our care in China and we still need £1000 to cover their food bill in December. Please be generous. Here are the ways…Read More

Stop Dogs being Sent to Death in Asia from Eygpt

Our Petition has reached over 60,000 signatures and been sent off to various authorities. Please keep signing and sharing until we ( the Charity) receives official notification this barbaric act will never happen. We also need assurance that local welfare…Read More

Help Needed to Stop Dogs being Sent to Death in Asia from Eygpt

As many of you may know Eygpt recently granted export licenses to ship over 4000 dogs and cats to Asia. Just one of their brutal ways of dealing with strays. Our public outcry has led to their denial but nothing is certain and we need to make sure this does…Read More


This is an Urgent Appeal for Our China Shelter run by Mr Zhao As many of you know ( and supported us) the Beijing government forced us with just 30 days notice to close our shelter in June just before Yulin. Brave Mr Zhao and the volunteers moved nearly 400…Read More

August Food Appeal

Our dear friend and partner activist Mr Zhao has successfully managed to move 400 dogs and cats to our new shelter location in Hebei China just a few short months after the Beijing Government forced him to close down. As you can imagine even with our…Read More

Yulin 2018 - The Sad Reality and What our Charity is doing.

I normally try to avoid posting distressing images and focus on solutions but after 6 years of campaigning this year's Yulin Dog Meat Festival footage has shocked me to the core. It is equally hard to accept that large organisations and celebrities who vowed…Read More

Urgent Appeal to assist 400 Dogs and Cats as shelter is handed demolition order by Beijing Authorities

After two and half years of hard work in China building our partner shelter from scratch we have just received the devastating news that a 30 day demolition order has been issued by the Government. Some 400 dogs and cats cared for the by hero Mr Zhao are…Read More
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