Yulin 2019

​On 21st June 2019 when the rest of the world is celebrating the Summer Solstice an unimaginable horror is taking place in Southern China. Known by many as the Lychee Festival we know it is the Yulin Dog Meat Torture Festival. It started only in 2010 and…Read More

Our Miracle Needs a Home

A few months ago one of our Chinese volunteers called us to tell us about a factory close to our new shelter that was boiling puppies alive. This factory makes phone chargers which they sell on the internet internationally.What they were doing ( and probably…Read More

​This is an Urgent Appeal for Our China Shelter run by Mr Zhao

As many of you know ( and supported us) the Beijing government forced us with just 30 days notice to close our shelter in June just before Yulin. Brave Mr Zhao and the volunteers moved nearly 400 dogs and cats at night to the neighbouring province of Hebei…Read More

Please Help Feed Our New Rescues

Dear Friends, We urgently need your help to meet our food bill for March. Please help. Every $1 or $2 will adds up. Mr Zhao at our China shelter has recently taken in some more rescues and they are hungry. Despite our efforts fundraising at Crufts we still…Read More

Urgent Appeal - Snowed in this winter!

Snow has struck at our partner Mr Zhao's shelter in China and the dogs are freezing. Some water pipes have burst and with the temperatures down to minus 10 degrees we are in crisis. Can you help with a small donation towards more urgent heating and paying…Read More

Please Help Chinese Hero Caring for Our Dogs

Dear Friends, In the busy run up to Xmas we are writing to appeal for urgent donations to feed our dogs and cats. We have more than 400 in our care in China and we still need £1000 to cover their food bill in December. Please be generous. Here are the ways…Read More

Stop Dogs being Sent to Death in Asia from Eygpt

Our Petition has reached over 60,000 signatures and been sent off to various authorities. Please keep signing and sharing until we ( the Charity) receives official notification this barbaric act will never happen. We also need assurance that local welfare…Read More
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