Back to Please help to Stop the Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Korea and Beyond.

Chinese New Year! Please join us to say #NoToDogMeat


At the recent conference in Singapore on Confronting Cruelty in Animal Welfare, Asian activists asked for our help. Chinese Delegates confirmed the dog and cat meat trade is about profit and economics NOT culture.

This is why dogs are sold wholesale and slaughtered/ skinned alive even in the streets for food or fur. Mindset needs to change. Our pets and in fact no animal should ever be treated as a pure commodity.

Can you help our registered charity with a monthly donation

Can you join our awareness event next weekend? 31 January?

Can you buy a shirt or tweet the press?

Can you make a You Tube video we can share?

Simple effective actions and so so necessary.

Respecting Culture will NEVER mean condoning Cruelty.

Let's please Unite.


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