We need your signature for this HM Government Petition. The story is not new and you have seen it ( and no doubt signed) all over social media. Dogs and Cats raised in horrific conditions, electrocuted and boiled alive in public. Why sign this one? Because it is real and tangible way of getting the message across to Parliament to make them debate the issue not just on whether companion animals who serve us in so many ways should be eaten but to call Korea and other nations to account for burying alive ( as part of the foot and mouth crisis cover up) 8 million yes that's right Eight Million animals alive in 2011. By staying silent, we are part of the cover up.By continuing to trade with the nations we allow them to flout every animal law out there. We bend over backwards to welcome them ( and get their flags right) at the Olympic games, it is time they show respect back to nature, the environment and to the World. Beating a dog to death Does not make its meat taste sweeter or give a man sexual power! Even Syria would not stoop that low. Sign this please - It's important ( you just need to click on link or go to link) http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/41206