Show your support towards Violence Against Women & Children

Honestly, I LoVe my BeLoVed Mum very much & also to my 2 elder sisters.

Hence, I do not understand why men can be so in humane to act violently towards Ladies
or worst still towards their own children.

Everyone has ego regardless of sex.

But to what extent?

Why show your anger towards your LoVed ones namely your wife?

Why you dare to hit the lady whom you promised to LoVe, Guard & Protect during your wedding vows?

I am never married but I hope when I do meet my other half, I will LoVe her, Cherish her, Respect her, Understand her, and Support her Emotionally & Spiritually year in year out.

I hope to be good husband & share the household chores with my wife...

Just like my few friends & cousin who still send short sms " i LoVe u honey" daily even though into more than 10 years of marriages.

By signing off below, I hereby pledge Never to commit, condone nor remain Silent about Violence against women & Children.

Mohamad aLi Bin Abdul Wahab [Singapore]

1. Against Violence Towards Women

2. Against Violence Towards Children