5,000 signatures @ least needed for a petition to help fight breast cancer

This is just a reminder for people to go to www.causes.com/campaigns/59666-5-000-signatures-for-a-petition-to-help-fight-breast-cancer & sign my petition to candy companies, Skittles, Jolly Ranchers & Starburst asking them to turn their product…Read More

breastcancer survivor stories

i would like anyone with any breast cancer survivor stories to post this stories so others might get an idea of what we're fighting for!!! Thankyou all and God Bless

stories about breastcancer survivors, fighters, & the people who help them

if you have any stories that you have experienced or know about, about people with breastcancer or survivors of it or any period that you feel will help our cause, please, share them with us... let people know just how important their signatures truly are…Read More

GOAL MET: We want to support your favorite charity!

Thank military families during the holidays

Don't Fine Soccer Players and Teams for Protesting Racism

#SoniaGandhi @PMOIndia: Honor the #Verma Report in #India's #Rape #Law!

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