Please watch the video: Dawn to Death Shown many times in the documentary "the cove" this film is more updated and concise. Everthing is now hidden, all their barbaric deeds are done under concealment but we managed to get cameras into places they…Read More

Go Blue For The Cove!

Another BLUE event is comming soon!!! Please join, share, and invite your friends!! The Cove needs us!!!

Thank you for going BLUE!

Today is our last BLUE day .. We've been BLUE together with more than 4400 people the last 2 weeks!! Thank you all very much for your support and going BLUE! Please don't forget to like our page, so you'll know when we'll GO BLUE next year again! ;) Thank you…Read More

Time to GO BLUE!

As it's almost November 11th, It's time to GO BLUE! Please GO BLUE now, and stay blue till November 24, 2012 Also please keep inviting your friends to GO BLUE as well, and join our cause. Thank you very much for your support for more awareness against animal…Read More


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