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Update on January 14, 2013

An international delegation will be at the EU on 24th of January, 2013 to address the problem of the growing stray animals population in Europe. Organized by 'Ärzte für Tiere/Doctors for animals', delegates from several EU member states (including Dr Carmen Arsene from Romania) will present the situation in their respective countries, will present options for change and improvement of the conditions of stray, owned and semi-owned pet animals and will discuss legal options for the EU. Claudia Buthenhoff-Duffy will present the international 'Making the Link' study. Participating are several international NGOs and the world's leading scientists in the field of human-animal connection. The study started in Romania and will go in 2013 to Greece, Romania and Bulgaria in a 3 year timeframe. It researches the effects on children being involuntarily exposed to endemic animal abuse and neglect in S/E Europe and introduces interventions like a 24-Helpline to report cases of animal abuse and get it to courts, it will also introduce education programs and research effects of those, and it will study the effect of massive s/n actions in specific areas where the study takes place and the change of perception of the population regarding the issue.

A video about the dire plight of Europe's homeless animals will be shown, the problem will be discussed and different 6 petitions (including our petition "Justice for Tereza...") will be handed over in HUGE BOXES(the printed version) and DVD!

Here is the video(Warning!!-graphic content) :

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