On the evening of 25th October, 2012 in the town of Cluj, Transilvania area in Romania, a fire was started at an animal shelter that caused the agonising deaths of 100 cats, 20 dogs and Tereza S., the wonderful lady who cared for them and who died,trying to save them! Through a hole in the wall, Tereza managed to push out from the inferno two cats and one dog...the rest of them died inside the burning shelter together with her.

This shelter was wholly financed by an elderly Romanian gentleman, Radu Termure, out of his own pocket and he has had much abuse about his involvement in animal care in the past. This kind of incident is, tragically, very common in Romania, a country where extreme cruelty to animals occurs on a daily basis. The police are dismissing the fire as an accident caused by Tereza S. leaving a candle near a woodpile. This lady, according to the (sadly) few Romanian people trying to get justice, NEVER used candles and instead used a headpiece with a flashlight attached. This shelter never had any heating, not even in deepest winter and, in fact, had no electrical connections at all, so there was no possibility of an electrical fault causing the fire. All in all, the “scenario” being put forward by the Romanian authorities in this case cannot be taken seriously in our opinion! NO ONE is being sought to be brought to justice in these terrible deaths. Due to the fact that Mr Termure has received many many threats in the past in relation to his activity in animal protection, we CANNOT exclude the possiblity that one or more people had a criminal hand in setting the fire on this night of the 25th October 2012.

On the evening of the 26th October, a group of about 150 people held a vigil in Bucharest and Brasov in memory of this lady and the animals. They are desperate to see justice served in this case but do not know how to get their voices heard. For the authorities in Romania a case like this is quite unimportant and, therefore 'invisible'. These people just need help in organising themselves so that their voices cannot be ignored any more.
We need you to sign this petition and tell the Romanian authorities to investigate this serious case and make an example in the punishment of the guilty ones! We need your help in getting us justice, REAL JUSTICE in this tragic case!

On the link bellow you can see pictures from what is left of the shelter, Tereza´s funeral and terrible local abuses agains animals - the daily fight mr.Termure is fighting...

And here is the local fundraising for rebuilding the shelter and helping the hundreds of animals mr.Termure is taking care of: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/198333150302988/?fref=ts