Support Victims of Typhoon Labuyo

For those individual person who has the extra means and who cares for others. kindly donate in kind or cash for the victims of Typhoon Labuyo is some part of Luzon. ABDULJAMAN DAMAHAN

Support Tordado victims at Oklahoma City

Call upon good heart of Samaritan in the name humanitarian service and assistance kindly donate cash or in kinds for those victims of the ravages Tornado in the area of Oklahoma City...

Help the victims of Typhoon PABLO

For those who has/have the extra means and wanted to shares their blessing, in time calamities like those victims of the Typhoon Pablo devastated some parts of Northern and central Mindanao. Kindly cip-in any amounts for the victims that could relief them…Read More

Relief assistance to the victims of storm Sandy

Cip-in 3$ or whatever amount can shares to the victims of storm Sandy in America. Please contact us on this cause page anytime.


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