Kansas Bill To DRUG TEST Welfare REcipients Passes Senate With Amendment To Drug Law Makers Too

Kansas Bill To Drug Test Welfare Recipients Passes Senate With Amendment To Test Lawmakers, Too By Nicole Flatow on Mar 1, 2013 at 4:00 pm…Read More

History Of Jim Crow

Myrdal, G. (1944). An American dilemma: the Negro problem and modern democracy. New York, NY: Harper. Raper, A. F. (1933). The tragedy of lynching. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press. BACK TO ORIGINS OF JIM CROW…Read More

Skull And Bones Prescott Bush Financed the Nazi's During WWII

Tim Russert asks the President Sunday (2/08/2004) about Skull and Bones and the President confirms he is a member by saying he can't talk about. Part of the transcript below. President Bush: Politics. I mean, this is—you know, if you close your eyes and…Read More

America "THE BANANA REPUBLIC" Liberty Under Attack

Taking lessons from the Napoleonic wars and the war of 1812, the 'moneychangers' realized the power that war has for creating national debt. They also began to recognize the ability of banks to secure political power with their ill-gotten profits. Today,…Read More

The World We Live In The 1% In Charge

Today in America, and if I am to be fair, the world, the influence of central banking is giving rise to the growing oppression of the masses! Seemingly endless wars, off-shoring businesses, the sudden stranglehold on world economies, and subsequent…Read More

Bainport Sensata Plant Closure

The truth about the Great Depression is that it was deliberately caused by the international bankers, to seize control of the free market industry in the United States, a nation that had become the world's largest superpower after WWI. In fact, in 1996,…Read More

A One World Order

After Lincoln's assassination, between 1866 and 1876, a contraction in the nation's money supply caused a deep economic depression that would eventually lead to the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. The economic crisis following the Civil War is…Read More
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