UNCA’s mission is to strengthen and empower its member organizations. UNCA builds neighborhoods with neighbors.

United Neighborhood Centers of America (UNCA) is the voluntary, nonprofit, national association for settlement houses, neighborhood centers, and similar neighborhood-based nonprofits throughout the United States of America. UNCA's commitment is to work in partnership with neighborhood centers to refine and build the strengths and assets of urban children, families, and neighborhoods for the purpose of improving individual self-development and opportunities for productive community life.

UNCA's headquarters is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and it has 151 member agencies in three regions across America - Western, Central and Eastern. These agencies are located in largely urban neighborhoods where challenges are most pronounced and where hope is most welcomed. UNCA's programs are structured to raise the profile of its members’ accomplishments, strengthen its national network of centers, and advocate solutions for the challenges most common to their experience and work. The objective of UNCA’s services is twofold: first, to assure efficient and effective member agencies, and second, to develop action strategies that will improve neighborhood conditions.

Formerly known as the National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers, UNCA was founded in 1911 by Jane Addams and other pioneers of the settlement movement. UNCA’s original and continuing purpose is to improve the quality of life at the neighborhood level.

1. UNCA member agencies build community with families through comprehensive, coordinated, neighborhood-based and family-focused programs.

2. UNCA is the movement for social and economic justice in partnership with neighbors.

3. UNCA creates opportunities for member agencies to maximize their capacity to advance youth and family development in urban America.